September 14, 2010

big announcement.

 i have such an exciting announcement—
 my friend and i just launched a new business adventure that we're ecstatic about!

it's a personal style consulting biz,
and we're focusing on helping you look your best. 
sassy & classy, as i like to call it.

we offer closet consultations, personal shopping (my fave), 
and everything in between. 

check out our site, Buttoned Up, for more information, 
and make an appointment... i gotta quit shopping for myself!


A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. 


  1. too fun! I could definitely use a personal shopper.. congrats on the new launch!

  2. Congrats you two!! I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times... you two are always so put together. How fun to launch this business that's such a fun part of what you love!

  3. It's about time!! You've got the best style. Next time you visit CA, you've got a closet consultation ready and waiting!! :)


  4. I am for you and excited about this! How many people get to follow their dreams and do something they really LOVE doing? Way to go for making it happen!


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