September 13, 2010

a little bit of this. and a little bit of that.

just came across a few oldies but goodies that i had to post. 
these pics captured the coolest thing that we did in hawaii 
& by far the most incredible experience of my life—

the manta ray night dive!

so this is how it works: 
plankton are attracted to light. manta rays eat plankton.
so, with flashlights in-hand, we dove down 30 feet and pointed our lights up towards the surface.

before we knew it, twelve huge manta rays, each 12-14 ft. in length,
were swooping and diving all around us.
they were so close, that we'd feel their wings graze our hair while swimming by.

for 50 minutes we experienced this. 

absolutely, A-MA-ZING!!!


  1. No way!! This is crazy! I could never do that!!! haha What an unbelievable experience.

  2. I dont think I would be brave enough to do that manta ray night dive! Love your pics, looks like you all had a blast in paradise :)

  3. Oh my gosh I'm so jealous! We keep talking about going to Hawaii but I feel like it just never happens!

    We are heading to D.C. on Wednesday (15th)! We'll be there till Sunday. If you guys could make a little trip down that would be awesome! I miss seeing your face all the time!


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