September 10, 2010

windy city adventures.

for all of you who've lived in or visited chicago...isn't it amazing??
my first time ever visiting was on our drive out to nyc. we detoured through the city
and tested out the famous chicago-style pizza. and the whole time, i was just amazed at how
beautiful and clean the city was. {the deep dish wasn't half bad either}

so two weeks after todd's sister and family moved there, we jumped at the opportunity to visit, 
and hopped on a plane!

while we filled our days with exciting activities and bellies with delicious food, more importantly,
it was just great being with family. 

please don't move back to canada, jac. i mean it!
the highly-recommended architectural boat tour.
i'm such a sucker for aquariums & zoos—you can thank my parents for that!
todd couldn't put her down the whole time. adorable, hey?


  1. so fun! and i'm soo jealous!! you guys are regular ol' globe trotters...or at least country trotters. you're always going on fun trips!

    you are also a crazy busy blogger today haha...but i love it.

    ps todd looks pretty natural with that baby...i'm just sayin'

  2. Oh my gosh, that littlest one is freakin' CUTE! I love that face! I agree with Amy... Todd looks like a natural!

  3. The babies are so big now!! Casey, I love Todd's stripes. Your hair is gorgeous. Todd with the babe is precious! I love the pic with Todd, nieces and sister. Miss you guys like crazy!

  4. Toad you look so so so like a natural!! GET ON THAT!

  5. Such great pictures! Those kids are adorable.

    And I just found out that there's an orthodontic convention in Chicago in May so I will probably get to go! I will have to refer back to these posts for ideas of what to do. All I can think of at this point is DEEP DISH!!!

  6. Everyone - Calm. Down. You're going to make Todd start asking for a baby soon! :)

    Angie - Take me with you! Or just bring back some pizza. Your call.

  7. I still miss you guys...come back soon! Great pictures Casey, as always! ;)


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