September 29, 2010


 i dont know why i even try sometimes:

i try to go to bed early—i'm bright-eyed at 4 am
i try to make dinner for the hubs—he stays late at work
i try & eat healthy throughout the day—i devour a bowl of brownie batter when i get home
i try to kneel when i pray—i just fall asleep in a less comfortable position
i try and spend less money one week—i make up for the difference the next

as you can tell, me "trying" is just a constant battle.
so from now on i'm just going to "be" and see what happens.


  1. "Being" is always better than "trying"... You can never fail being!

  2. I completely relate to everything you just said! You are not alone, girl. I'm glad to know someone gets me! :)


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