October 4, 2010

feliz cumpleanos to T.

happy happy birthday T!

hubs is very funny when it comes to his birthday presents,
he doesn't ask for "things", he much prefers experiences.
so that leaves me every year wracking my brain for a new "experience"

last year—trapeze school. (check out his skillz!)
this year—personal boxing lessons!

let me just say, after this month, you're not gonna want to mess with my cobra!

i love you, old man! 
happy birthday!


  1. happy birthday todd!

    boxing lessons are such a great idea! nice thinking!

    haha and i love the card you made him. that's hilarious!

  2. So so cute!! Todd is such an old fart now.. Go get em t-money!

  3. You are so creative with your gifts! I think it's great. I need to learn from you, I am the worst gift-giver. Happy Birthday to Todd!

  4. Okay, t-bone... puuut 'em up, put 'em uuup, I say... I'm afraid there's no denyin' I'm just a dandylion, a fate I don't deserve... (Name that tune). Cool present!


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