November 5, 2010

i won i won i won!

i'm going to the super bowl - for free! in dallas! with my husby!

last week, i came home to an unexpected fedex package at my door. 
upon opening, i found i was the grand prize winner of a super bowl sweepstakes
that i had entered a few months back. 

what the WHAT!?

who does that even happen to?

not only do i have 2 tickets to the super bowl, but i also get 100,000 AA miles, 
2 pre-game party tix, 2 gala tix, and $1500 cash. 
and even better, the game is in dallas, so i get to see my family!

it's ridiculous!

but let's be honest, i should have seen this coming ever since
i won disney on ice tickets in the 5th grade.


  1. Why doesn't your luck rub off on me? Come on, share a little!

  2. Wow, comgrats... that's so exciting. And how awsome is it that you even get to see your family. =)

  3. I am amazed by this!! So excited for you.

  4. Man--miss a week, miss alot!! I can't believe you didn't tell us! But we are very excited for you!

  5. Wow!!! that's amazing!!!!!
    Congrats! :)
    Found your blog via angie's :)
    you have a lovely blog :)


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