November 9, 2010

double rainbow all the way.

{photos courtesy of angie. she's got more on her blog. here.}
the four beautiful birthday girls
this past weekend, four of my friends had a rainbow-themed party
in celebration of their birthdays!

it was quite the festive event as we partook of delicious rainbow cake, 
rainbow jello, a rainbow fruit platter, and other rainbow-y things.

it was quite the fabulous party!


  1. Oh my gosh! I was trying to remember the blog post title we thought of at the party and that was it! DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY!!! Dang. Why couldn't I remember that? It's so perfect. Thanks for coming, it was such a fun night!

  2. What a fun party idea! haha And I love your title. That video is hilarious!

  3. MMmmm that picture makes that cake look soo good... I love the picture of you and balloon boy/husband. We need to see you guys more often!

  4. These photos make me smile :)
    they're so full of happiness! :)


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