November 10, 2010

lights and other shiny things.

as much as a love my birthday, christmas is by far my favorite holiday!
the lights, the decorations, the treats, the smells, the SHOPPING—
what isn't to love about this season!?

that's why i decided to get started early this year!
the way i see it, as soon as macy's brings out their christmas decor and 
the holiday commercials bombard the airways, it's go time!
so last night, my friend bing helped me kick off the season
with a little christmas ditty as i baked cookies, decorated my charlie brown tree, 
and cut out snowflakes.

tis the season, folks!


  1. Way to go girl. I love it. We've had our Christmas tree up since November 1st but I still need to bust out the ornaments and other decorations. I'm hoping to do so tonight or this weekend at the latest. I love Christmas too. It's so fabulous! How fun that you get to enjoy the spirit of Christmas in NY where they go all out. Say hi to the ginormous tree at Rockefeller for me. :)

  2. Oh, yes! Your decorations look so great! I am trying to hold off until after Thanksgiving, but posts like these are weakening my resolve!!

  3. You are so cute! I am still a little shocked when I see Christmas stuff up already but it is coming fast! I love that you're getting a head start on the festivities!


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