November 27, 2010

macy's day parade

every thanksgiving, my dad and the boys would play football
while my mom and i stayed home to prepare dinner and
watch the macy's day parade on tv. 

and every year, i would dream about one day being able to go to the parade in person.
this year, my childhood dream came true!

since my work is on the parade route, they welcomed all employees to the 
building for breakfast and front row seats!
we waved hi to jimmy fallon, jessica simpson, kanye west, 
oh, and the power rangers!

just one more thing to add to my thankful list.


  1. OH MY GOSH! I cannot let Pat see these pictures! He was so bummed we missed it. I looks like you go the best seats there! How fun!

  2. What a great, unforgettable morning! Thanks for inviting us! Oh, and we were surrounded by the 5,000 cheerleader group at LaGuardia yesterday. So intense!

  3. Loving Natalie's Kung Fu Panda pose, hahaha. Looks like you guys had PRIME seats!!! That is amazing! These pictures are great. They make me think the parade is something I might actually want to do someday! :)

  4. Great pics! What great seats! And yes, we played football again this year. But the older I get the longer the recovery.


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