November 30, 2010

our home smells like christmas.

i almost leaked myself saturday when i finally saw the men selling trees on the corner. 
i would have bought one 3 months ago if available,
but for some reason they feel it necessary to wait one month before christmas to bring them out!

 in our three christmas's together, we'd never bought a real tree,
just had our sad {yet slightly adorable} charlie brown tree
but this year, i put my foot down.
i wanted, no needed, a christmas tree!

upon sight of the first tree i shouted, "beautiful! we'll take it!",
 but hubs had to quickly reel me back seeing that i was a little uneducated
in the whole tree-buying business. {my mom was a big believer in the costco trees}.
who knew you had to evaluate every single attribute: needle length, branch thickness, 
sturdiness, and the list goes on...

but after finding our pretty little thing, we sang christmas carols all the way home,
followed by a bit of home alone action as we decorated.


  1. Oh Casey you guys are the cutest! I love the hats :)

  2. wow! How do you have room for such a big tree!!?!?! It is beautiful! I was unsure if we wanted to do the whole tree thing this year, but this really made my decision final!

  3. Oh you too are just ADORABLE! MMM love it!

  4. Oh so fun!!! You're making me want one! We actually totally have room, I just don't know if it's worth it since we won't be here for Christmas. If we decide to go for it you will have to fill me in on all the tips and tricks for selecting the correct needle length and branch thickness.

  5. Seeing the joy in your faces convinces me to veto the tree delivery service idea. Coming up this weekend . . . a Holloway tree of our very own!

  6. yay! we are going to get ours tonight and I am super excited!!


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