December 7, 2010

a life-altering experience. i'm not kidding.

my world was rocked tonight by my first experience

like whoa. 

i cannot believe i have walked by this truck 
as many times as i have without ever stopping. 

i have since vowed to never walk by without stuffing my face again.



  1. I'm not going to lie...I almost threw up a little when I saw a picture of that pulled pork waffle. those things should never be combined!

  2. No, it was seriously like, woah! It was so amazing I didn't even care that my hand was freezing off while eating this delectable goodness!

  3. stop it! first time!? It is one of my very favorite finds in the city.

  4. pulled pork waffle? yikes. but hey, i guess if i like chicken with my waffles i could also go for some pulled pork...

  5. I can't believe this was your first time, you are so savvy with restaurants and such. I'm glad you're no longer a wafels and dinges virgin.


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