December 9, 2010

dear santa baby.

dearest santa, 
i know i've already picked out my gifts this year, 
but i have just a few more things i want, err need!
i have even made nice little links to each of these things. 
they're so wonderful,
don't you think??
the acrobatics necklace from anthro.
the bowler camera bag from acme made.
fur stole from topshop {faux fur. naturally.}


  1. You're horrible!! You're just like me :) I always pick out all my Christmas gifts each year and then complain to Johnny that there weren't any surprises. What can be done? We have needs, and they must be met. I love all of your selections, esp. the camera bag.

  2. I'll take one of those cameras bags too!

  3. That necklace is to die for. It would look so great with your style!


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