January 4, 2011

i love my job!

every year, charmin has a really fun event up in times square
 that lasts the full holiday season.
this year, kim kardashian opened the event 
and jane lynch closed it.

it's so fun to be around the celebs and see how they act in real life situations. 
let me just say that jane lynch is a champ, 
{and totally awesome and totally tall!}

i am so grateful to have such a fun job and experience these sorts of neat things. 

cha cha cha charmin!


  1. Totally jealous! I love me some Jane Lynch.

  2. Coach Sue!!! Hah that is so awesome. Too bad she isn't wearing her track suit! You're so lucky!

  3. I think that is awesome. She is hilarious! Best character on Glee, hands down.

  4. once again, jealous of ms casey's fabulous life! :)

    looks like fun!!! we clearly do not do this at my office.


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