January 7, 2011

sun, snow, and other ramblings.

please send me back to arizona!!
i miss the warm weather far too much.

and i'm so not in love with this cold front {aka winter}. 
 i hear it's supposed to snow again,
but as much as a pretend i love the snow, i really don't!
it gets slushy too quickly and then i'm stuck wearing 
snow boots for the next 3 months—not my finest look.

to combat these winter blues, i'm planning my getaway trip with hubs this summer!
we've got 100K miles but nowhere to go just yet.
i'm thinking a road trip through italy, but i'm definitely open to suggestions...

where should we go?


  1. A roadtrip through Italy sounds fantastic! Greece would be a wonderful vacation as well.

  2. Italy, definitely Italy!

  3. Thank you for the comments! As it turns out... we're road tripping through Italy! Can't wait!!


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