January 12, 2011

boxing with the hubs.

ever since todd took his first boxing class {see here}, he's been obsessed. 
and i mean obsessed!
this boy eats, sleeps, and thinks boxing 24-7.
whenever he has free time, he's watching old fights or instructional videos.
i'm fearful that one of these days he's going to put down the wall street journal and look for a job in the ring. 
{don't get me wrong, i'm all for dreams, but i sure hope this isn't one he's dreaming of achieving...}

instead of continuing to pay for a pricey monthly membership, he's dubbed me as his new coach. 
so every night, i wrap up his hands, we put on our mitts and we train.
i even have a cool pair of training mitts.

it's fun to see him get so excited about something
{and even more fun watching my arms get ripped}


  1. How cool! This made me laugh because I could imagine Johnny being the EXACT same way. He already loves watching cage fighting.

  2. You guys are too cute. How fun!

  3. go easy on him Casey!!


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