February 3, 2011

never too late for a present.

for the last oh, 3 years, the hubs has been yearning for some custom-made suits. you choose the style, you choose the fabric, you choose the colors, you... well... you get the point. it's custom. but let's just say that this little luxury also comes with a luxurious price. that said, we decided that all he was going to get for christmas were these suits {all being a term used very loosely considering my wallet is like the district and always open for business},  but as i digress, it's what the man wanted. a couple custom-made suits.

so when mr. maxwell came into town we paid him a little visit, in his hotel room. a little odd, but i guess that's how they do it in the big leagues. so we got to the room, checked out the spread of fabrics, and we got started. we chose his suit & shirt styles, his fabrics, his colors, and... you still get the point... it was fabulous! only drawback. this "christmas" present was being delivered from hong kong and came with a 3 month delay.

so, three months later and hubs finally got his christmas present!! merry christmas sweetie. nothing better than a late present, hey? like christmas morning all over again!


  1. Oh how fun! My husband has been begging for custom suits. I better not let him see this post... :)

  2. Our boys look good in their custom suits! Looks like the fit turned out perfectly for T. And remember, "They don't do lifetime alterations!" The suit man will be happy to not see my face again.

    I feel like next Christmas we should ask for our Chanel bags. Only fair, right?

  3. One more thing . . .

    1. Notched lapel
    2. Slit, double-welt pocket with a flap
    3. Set-in suit sleeve
    4. Tab front waistband
    5. Four-hole, sew-through buttons

    How's that for 5 details?! :)

  4. Four-hole, sew-though buttons... with a rim! Can't forget that lil' detail.

    And if not Chanel, surely Louboutin's.

  5. Hey, Klane got suits for Christmas too! We didn't go into a top secret hotel room to design them, though. Todd looks snazzy in his Christmas present. :)

  6. ow ow look at that handsome guy! someone did some good work picking out those good looking suits!

  7. 3 months?! I'm afraid that my custom suits would need an alteration after 3 months AND the Holidays. T-bone's looking very dapper though.


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