February 9, 2011

super bowl xlv.

i've been out of commission the past couple days since we've been busy partying it up in d-town. if you remember back in october, i became the luckiest girl when i won this. the day finally came that hubs and i got to go to the big game, and the whole experience was more than i could have ever imagined!

we arrived at the stadium around 2pm with tickets in hand for the official nfl tailgate party. i felt very special as we got to listen to some amazing live music {maroon five. keith urban. nbd}, gobble up delicious food, and rub shoulders with some vip's.

we were then very anxious to grab our seats in the stadium as to not miss christina's aguilera sing the anthem. let's just say, we should have carried on at the tailgate a bit longer...YIKES! not her finest moment. i guess she's going on the list right behind michael bolton and rosanne.

and then there was the game. ohhh the game. it was such a blast. i dressed for the steelers {reason to remain unpublished}, but to be honest, i really didn't care who won. all i know is that the jets didn't make it, so i was cheering for whoever was ahead. :)

and for my most favorite part of the whole game—the halftime show!! i was so excited to see the black-eyed peas {not to mention i sat with tad hamilton on the plane to dfw. ow ow} but i was even more surprised to see slash and usher perform. it was an incredible experience.


  1. Oh my gosh! What and experience of a LIFE Time! I love your pictures of the field and the GIANT screen. Those are sooo cool. That is so nice that that screen is so big so you feel like you were right next to them!

  2. Wow! I am so excited for you. What an experience!! I was going crazy when I saw Slash come on screen, so that is cool that you got to be there in person!! AHH

    And did you say that Tad Hamilton was on your flight? Jealous! (haha I love how we still call him by that name)

  3. This is SO AWESOME! Glad you had fun and got the star treatment!


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