March 27, 2011

moving day priorities.

we had quite the busy day moving into our new apartment! luckily for us,
we weren't doing it alone and had some extra burly men to help!
{thanks guys and gals. we owe you a big fat one!}
 i've been sick today, so once all the boxes got moved, it was a little hard for me to start putting things
away. that said, i did manage to get to one room in the house....
 todd also had his priorities pretty straight. 
hey, no judging—there's always tomorrow!


  1. i NEVER get any shout outs anymore. "bestie" my butt.

  2. Your closet looks amazing and huge! (Anything's huge compared to mine, haha.) And I see you have a Wendy's across the street... Frosty's at all hours of the day or night! Woo! ;)

  3. What awesome windows!! I love your new place!

  4. Mmmmmm, Spicy Chicken Sandwich! Jeal of the closet space, but happy to have fewer rides on the F train! Can't wait to decorate!


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