March 30, 2011

this and that.

lately, i've been in such a transitional period in my life—new jobs, new apartments, new friends, and all this while living in a city with still so much unexplored territory. while i love change, it's been a little unsettling at times. so through all of these in-familiarities, i appreciate the little, comforting moments in life that help me feel at home again. tonight, it just so happens to be the simple sounds and smells of my tumbling dryer as i lay in bed.

hubs and i have never had a washer and dryer before, so all the memories that have formed around these sounds and smells occurred while living back at home. i remember my family of six gathering together on my parents' bed for "folding parties". at the age of ten, i was never too keen on the idea of having to fold my siblings' underwear, but i do remember the love and humor that was shared at these "parties". i can't help but miss my family, and i am so comforted at the thought of being able to be with them forever. my brother returns from his mission in july, and i am thrilled for us all to be back together again.

looking back at this post, it's a little ridiculous that something as small as the sound of a dryer instantly evoked these feelings, but it has, and i am thankful for the comfort that it's brought.


  1. aww this post made me so sad.. i miss you and home and childhood:(

  2. Someday I will hear that sound in my home......someday.

  3. never underestimate the power of a washer and dryer.
    so jealous. couldn't be more jealous.
    I need a washer and dryer!!!
    PS I think I already told this to you,but your apartment is gorgeous. Good find girlfriend. I am happy you are my neighbor now.

  4. What about weeding...? Does that bring back fond memories? Or cleaning up the backyard after Dodger and Zoe? haha. I'm grateful for a sweet daughter who remembers fondly the little things that tie us together. I also remember a sweet little girl who would climb up on my lap and ask me to read to her or to tell her King Rabbit stories. I miss those days more than ever.


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