April 5, 2011

dc in full bloom.

hubs and i couldn't make it to the cherry blossom festival last year 
 so once we found out the harding's were going this year, we eagerly jumped on the bandwagon! 
 we've taken a weekend trip with the hardings before (to my beloved boston. see here. and here.) 
 and already knew they were the perfect traveling buddies!

and after a crazy 28 hours in dc, we're back, but wishing we weren't! 

since we've been so busy lately, it was great to leave it all behind for a weekend rendezvous. 
 although saturday was a bit drizzly and cold, it was amazing to see the trees and flowers in full bloom 
{something nyc has yet to experience this year} we didn't necessarily have anything planned to do 
once we got there, but we sure did have a list of restaurants we wanted to eat at. it'd be fair to say we 
ate ourselves through dc and stopped to see some sights along the way. 

the first restaurant we hit up was matchbox
{or fire alarm, if you can't remember the name like me...}
 cool vibe. cool decor. and delicious food. 
despite the waitress thinking angie and i were fraternal twins 
{because clearly floral scarves, cameras, and wavy hair lead to such conclusion}, i'd say it was an a+. 

since this was the first time in months my dear camera has seen the light of day, 
there are many more pictures to come!


  1. this looks like it was such a fun trip! i still haven't gone to DC, and seeing these pics is really making me want to go!

  2. Great pictures! I need to get out more. NYC is still on my bucket list...along with DC.

  3. I love cherry blossoms. I love DC.
    Those pictures are so pretty. I can't wait for the cherry tree infront of my window to start blooming. But I guess that won't be for a while.

  4. Love the pictures! It was so much fun! I love you guys. We'd travel with you anytime!

  5. pretty pretty pretty! so sad we missed it this year!

  6. Beautiful blossoms, and beautiful burger.


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