April 11, 2011

i like 'em big... i like 'em chunky!

every now and then, hubs and i break out into dance.
and today it just so happened to be to this song.

todd gets very shy and concerned when i document him dancing,
but i thought this one was too good to pass up. 
as you can tell, this boy's got moves! hahaha

ps. please don't mind the fact that we have absolutely no furniture in our house.
we've decided to purge our lives and go the minimalist route.
{at least hubs wishes that were the case}
 instead, we spent the weekend shopping
and will be furnished by next saturday. woot woot!


  1. That song ALWAYS instigates a dance party in our house. That happens to be Little Guy's favorite movie currently... so dance parties happen quite often. Seriously, who can sit still when sweet tunes like that are playing?

  2. Hahaha that's awesome! I love that song. I can't wait to see your place furnished!

  3. I miss the days when you would break out dancing in our dorm room. I'm glad to see you still do it!

  4. Bahahahahaha - that song made me laugh! Next time we have a dance party in our house I am so turning that on. Usually our jam is Michael Jackson. :)


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