April 17, 2011

saturday night

it has been cold and rainy and i've had enough. fo' real. 
and then tonight, todd and i decided that we should go to the movies to forget about it all.
{although i just wanted to sit on my brand, new couch and smile}
but alas, we went.
on the way out i reached for an umbrella, but hubs told me to not worry about it—
"it's not raining hard and the subway runs door to door"
oh yeah?? you sure about that HUBS?
cause i'm pretty soaked. and i think you forgot that the subways only run door to door
when they're working!! which is.... 21% of the time. and 1% on the weekends. 
so nonetheless, we're soaked. 

so to make up for it, we decided we should just eat goldfish, brownies, ice cream, and hot fudge. 
 i just preferred the goldfish and a big spoonful of fudge. 
but as you can see, todd preferred it all. how does this kid not gain weight!?!?

oh, and go mavs!!!  


  1. That is one sad photo of you, Casey. Glad you had some ice cream to make up for your hubs' silliness! ;)

  2. Ohhh so yummy!!! A night like that is always needed every now and then! Cannot wait to come and visit you two. get excited!:) Love ya bunches

  3. Haha that is so funny! But honestly, a rainy night stinks!! Good thing chocolate makes everything better. :)

  4. We thought we'd just run over to the grocery store Saturday night, I stopped before leaving and considered putting on my rain boots or grabbing an umbrella and then decided it was just a couple blocks and i'd be fine. 30 minutes later we returned to our apartment totally drenched! We had rain jackets on but our jeans were completely soaked through, and my shoes were squishing they were so full of water. What a mess! You definitely deserved a yummy dessert and night in after being out in that!


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