April 25, 2011

traipsing around with my love on a beautiful easter afternoon.

one of the top activities on my "i miss east village list" was the walks hubs and i would take around our neighborhood. there is such a cool culture up there, and i was really bummed about giving that up with our move to fidi {that's right. 'fidi'}. as todd and i have been noticing though, we live in a pretty cool area. just one block north of us is city hall and there are so many beautiful buildings there. the architecture is just incredible and the grounds are beautiful and well kept. i felt like i was back in dc or boston! it also didn't hurt that it was a lovely 75 degrees out—good weather always makes things more enjoyable.  well spring finally sprung, and on quite the appropriate day, wouldn't you say?


  1. Love the pensive looks. And you are looking quite fashionable, as always.

  2. What beautiful pictures of you and your neighborhood. NYC looks absolutely beautiful right now! I've been telling my husband that I need a trip out there asap!

    Happy Spring!!

  3. Look at you sophisticated downtowners. You look gorgeous.

    You know what else was gorgeous? The weather yesterday! Holy cow! Perfect for Easter Sunday. Glad you got out to enjoy it.

    Your neighborhood looks so cool. (I've been calling it the fidi too!) These are gorgeous photos!

  4. Glad you were traipsing and not tramping—that could have been awkward.


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