May 20, 2011

cinque terre. day one.

on our second day, we took off to cinque terre. it was a long but beautiful four-hour drive to the town that we were staying in, riomaggiore. 

now let me just start off by saying, the planning of our trip was a very peaceful process except for when todd and i would debate as to whether we wanted to spend the extra money and invest in a gps system. while i don't want to knock todd's great sense of direction {ha. we'll expand upon that in a later post}, i strongly felt we needed one. and let's just say, after that drive to riomaggiore, hubs was thankful he gave in. tom tom was our BEST friend along our whole trip and without her, we would still be driving aimlessly through tuscany.

upon arriving in riomaggiore, we met our b&b owner, tuba. he was the cutest old man who loved speaking "spitalian" {aka italian & spanish} with todd. he was the grandpa-figure of the town who hooked us up with all sorts of goodies! {complimentary champagne at dinner included. no thanks. a diet coke would have satisfied...}

after dinner, we beached like seals on the rocks for a few hours, and then took a stroll along villa dell'amore to grab pastries in the next town over. the weather was perfect and the sunsets were breathtaking.


  1. these pictures are just breathtaking! I love how colorful everything is!

    How was the champagne? :)

  2. Woohoo! Looks like you guys had a blast...Robby and I booked our tickets for Italy last week. We'll be there in 6 weeks and these pictures are getting me SO excited!

  3. You're just surrounded by beauty in all these pictures! I am so excited to experience Italy through your adventures. Your pictures are great!

  4. Looks incredible! I can't wait to see more. (I need to go to Italy, I need to go to Italy, I need to go to Italy.) Ha, and the one of you eyeing the champagne skeptically is so funny. Love it.


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