May 23, 2011

cinque terre. {the hike}

if i could take a stab at what heaven smells like, i would guess cinque terre. that scent could get bottled into a perfume and make millions. heavenly!

i was eagerly looking forward to our hike from town to town. i'd seen many pictures and heard so many stories before i left that i was dying to experience it myself. i've been fortunate to enjoy a lot of beautiful places in my day, but cinque terre tops the list. it was ridiculous.

hubs and i started early in the morning. leaving from riomaggiore, we spent the next six hours hiking in and out of the other four cities up the coast. we'd stop for about 30 minutes in each town to grab some gelato and take a breather from the previous hike. hubs and i are not your all-star hikers. you'll notice i did not post any pictures of us hiking because, well, our physical state was a little humorous and something like that was not going to be documented.

while each city had its own charm, i'd have to say vernazza was my favorite. it provided a great little beach for me to get my tan on while todd jumped from the cliffs nearby. and it had a castle. that's pretty cool.


  1. Awesome pics, and I didn't doze off this time (of course, it's not 1am and I'm not looking at 734 photos). Now I really do want to go to Italy!

  2. Amazing pictures. I'm dying to go!


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