May 3, 2011

i honestly can't think of a title. must be time for bed.

 the last few days have been fa-rantic!
i've spent far too much time and money cabbing back and forth 
between my two apartments trying to get everything sold, cleaned, and moved!
{not to self: something is not sold until you have the money in hand and the item out of sight!}
ya see, craigslist and i have a love/hate relationship. 
more hate. no, more love... you get the point.
all i can say, is that we're officially moved and feeling good. 

and can i just publicly applaud the hubs for a job well done over the last few days?
he really stepped up to the plate, folks. 

not only did he move the furniture out of our apartment—by himself,
BUT he also bought all the supplies and painted our green walls back to white,
after we found out we must do so last minute, of course. 

love ya, pop!

now, i'm just counting down the days {3} until we leave for italy!!


  1. Hahaha. Nice faces, Case. I can't believe you're going to Italy!! Where? How long? Info info!!

  2. What about "fixin' to go to Italy" as the title?

    or "Power up for Italy"?

    or "Behind every successful girl is an overworked man"?

  3. title how about HOT MAMA!!! love you seeesterr

  4. Title: "Me, Myself and Why?"

  5. You are absolutely darling. Can't wait to see how your new place comes together. Have a blast in Italy.


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