May 6, 2011

leeeeavin' on a jeeet plane.

the view from my soon-to-be room in riomaggiore, italy.
i'm leaving for italy in approximately 12 hours and am scrambling, to say the least. 
this could get interesting.

just to name a few things that i'm still in need of: 
sperrys—i cannot find them anywhere! can't order online. i know they're just shoes, 
but i need them. in brown, preferably. will take gold.
the immortal life of henrietta lacks. for my book club. haven't begun.
jujubee's and trashy mags.
a new 50mm lens. uhh, that's kind of a big one... 
at&t international plan.
plug adapter.

did i mention hubs and i are road tripping this sucker?
that's right, from lake como down to rome.
we don't have too many plans. and no real idea of where we're going.
now, that's when it gets exciting!

also...i just realized that the name on my passport does not match the name on my id and ticket. 
please tell me that that's not going to be a problem...


  1. I just got simultaneously really stressed and really excited for you! I love Italy so much! I'm so jealous. Eat LOTS of gelato!

  2. As I read the list I was thinking "she can get this done" until the last one. Good luck with that. You might have a little problem. :)

  3. So excited for you. Have a ton of fun and take lots of pictures!

  4. Oh this is all the more exciting because of all the unknowns. I can't WAIT to see how your trip goes! You guys are so spontaneous slash adventurous. I am so excited! Take a bazillion photos okay? Yay! Ciao!

  5. Take your marriage certificate just in case they hassle you about the passport. And have the adventure of a lifetime! I'm dying over that view.

  6. So jealous! You are going to have so much fun! Can't wait to see pictures! Hope you found your sperrys...or maybe you will find a euro pair of sperrys:) shopping in italy!


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