May 27, 2011

oh florence, i love you.

i cannot believe we debated leaving this town out of our trip!

i just adored walking through the quaint cobble-stoned alleyways with my lover.
i swear we covered the whole city, exploring every possible nook and cranny.
and can we just talk about the scent of florence? it smells like leather! the whole city!
or as todd put it, "it smells like nordstrom." {'atta boy!}

although it was a bit last minute, we were fortunate to get tickets for the uffizi gallery and the accademia.
the statue of david was breathtaking and absolutely perfect. i've never seen buns so tight!
twice i dragged todd back to him to get just one more glance.

what an enchanting city!
{and, might i add, the one with the best gelato}


  1. I'm so glad you decided to stop in the beautiful Florence!

    David is a dreamboat. Grrrr . . . .

  2. Oh...MY...Yumminess! Love the Nord-ies comment. Ha.

  3. My gosh, Florence looks amazing!! What a remarkable sunset!


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