May 26, 2011

you live and you learn.

since i know a few of you are heading to italy this summer, i thought i'd share a couple tips i learned. 
and unfortunately, a few were learned the hard way.

{1} if you're road tripping, a gps system is a must. if it speaks, even better. 
{2} when in rome, take a cab. buses and subways are to not be trusted. ya hear? not to be trusted.
{3} rick steve's guide book = personal italian tour guide + bff
{4} lose weight before your trip so you don't feel guilty when you gain it back.
{5} pictures pictures pictures!!!
{6} italy does not believe in road signs. even the best map will not help you.
{7} bring a journal to document your every day.
{8} pay the at&t international data plan. just do it!
{9} eat as much as you can. really. make it a goal to do so.
{10} save up and be prepared to spend a lot of money. 
no matter how you do it, italy is not cheap.
{11} even if you love museums, two full days in rome is enough!
{11b} if you're going to be in rome for 3+ days, get the rome pass.
{12} there's no such thing as too much gelato.
{13} go with your best friend.
{14} don't bring heels. no matter how cute or "comfy" they are, wearing them one
night is not worth it. i'm just guessing, that is.... 

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  1. You are adorable! Can I please have your life!?


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