June 24, 2011

suiting up for the showdown.

raja bell.

not only was yesterday my birthday, but it was the best birthday ever! buttoned up was hired to suit up and style nba and mls players for showdown in chinatown, a charity soccer game put on by the steve nash foundation.

we were able to style some of my favorite nba players including steve nash, raja bell, tony parker,  marcin gortat, and leandro barbosa. let me also throw in that grant hill was also in attendance... a dream come true for natalie. 

it was quite a day that i didn't want to end—my feet felt otherwise.
leandro barbosa
nash. a dream.

demba ba
tony parker
my man g. hill in the tan pants
claudio reyna

{photos from indochino}

see more photos here of the day


  1. Ahhh!! Is this really your life?! I am so proud of you two! Amazing1

  2. congrats, that's really cool! I'm curious, were the suits standard sizes or where those guys measured before and they had suits produced for them? How where the Indochino guys to work with?

  3. WOW! I didn't realize your business had taken off so fast and so amazingly. Good work! What a great opportunity!

  4. You are such a baller hanging out with all those ballers. I love Steve Nash; he cleans up nicely (with your help).

  5. I am still so amazed that this happened!! Looking at your pictures makes me so happy. Look at you, so professional and gorgeous. I am so impressed with you guys for making this business happen and having such incredible success. Way to go!!

  6. Oh and also, your shoes? Fantastic.


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