June 27, 2011

sisters and summertime.

my little sis is staying with us this summer,
and i couldn't be more thrilled.
she's pretty adorable and my best friend.
let's just say it's going to get pretty crazy up in here!

we started the summer off right by doing my favorite thing in town—
and at the best place i know where—

since her bf was in town, we took a double date across the bridge, 
and enjoyed delicious food, great company, and ridiculously perfect weather.

oh, summer. love ya!


  1. I am glad you like Grimaldi's! I really like it, too, but I keep hearing opposing viewpoints about it. I was starting to feel unsure of my taste in pizza!!

  2. Grimaldi's TAKEOUT! Genius. My Grimaldi's experience was tainted by a ridiculous 2.5 hour wait. I think I'd enjoy it a lot more on the pier, sans wait. :)

  3. Oh yes, takeout! The only way to do Grimaldis. The last time I waited was with you for the 2.5 hour wait, and that never happened again!!

  4. That Grimaldi's pizza looks so delish. It's been way too long since I've been there. Years I think! I need to go back.


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