July 2, 2011

this appears to be our weekend ritual now.

 call me ridiculous, but i never realized that brooklyn 
is just one stop from my new apartment. one stop!

do you know how many doors that just opened?
peter pan donuts
my secret flea market
freakin' brooklyn ice cream factory!!

so now that i've figured out that little fact, 
we seem to be craving brooklyn ice cream a whole lot more.

can you blame me?
it's creamy, chocolatey and closer than {insert any restaurant name here}.


  1. Have you been to Carlos's bakery yet?? Is it really THAT good?

  2. No, I've never heard of Carlo's, but I'm always up for a new bakery!! Is it in Brooklyn?

    And yes, it really is THAT good. So creamy! Mmmmm

  3. I always want to get out to Brooklyn more but it's soooo far away. That's awesome you're so close! Also are you on Instagram?

  4. Someday I want to go to Brooklyn Flea...

  5. I find myself running to Brooklyn for all kinds of things. It always seems far to say it, but it's so quick! Love it.


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