September 7, 2011

good eats.

kari and i both like to eat—alot.
so naturally that's what we did—alot.


a} athenian room:
out of my love for tina fey,
we visited her go-to greek restaurant. 
it was my first time having greek, and it was a win.

b} ghirardelli:
i haven't been here since i lived in san fran 4 years ago,
and i have been craving ever since. i didn't know there was one in chicago,
and once i saw the restaurant sign i literally darted for the door! 
i could not stand to pass up their delicious cookie bottom sundae. 
i die.

c} ann sather:
"french toast fantasy"
need i say more?
ok i will...
my french toast was made of cinnamon rolls!!!
now need i say more?

i love eating.


  1. Now I'm starving—and you are tempting me to negate my gym workout with something really sweet and fattening.

  2. looks like you all had a fun time! i believe it - you two girls do know how to eat (...and it doesn't show on you, which is the unfair part)!!! :)

  3. I didn't know you had a blog! so cute :) adding it to my list of reads now! p.s. I love the baby belly pictures with fruit. They are so precious.


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