September 6, 2011

i l.o.v.e. chicago!

i'm still in chicago,
and loving every moment of it.

be back soon!


  1. I d.o. t.o.o.! Seriously a great place, huh? Congrats on your bun in the oven - he/she will be one well-dressed kid.

  2. I'm agree with jess, however, she definitely has more experience there than I do. Although, it goes to show how cool a place it is if I LOVE It and I have never lived there. Also, a big congrats to your little babe coming soon. So exciting! And, it's no surprise how cute you look...and probably how stinking cute he/she will look too:)

  3. Casey you should have given us a call! I'm so happy for you that your pregnant:) You will love being a mom:)


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