October 28, 2011

big buddha.

at 24 weeks
  • baby kicks all. the. time! and sometimes they are really violent and do not feel the nicest. i think she's devising a way to break out of there.
  • pizza. pizza. pizza. i crave it constantly and could have it for every meal!
  • my belly button is quickly turning from an innie to an outie. and i thought i would be the exception...
  • i just ordered baby's crib! i'm excited to get her nursery corner in order!
  • if you can't tell by the constant baby posts, i am so so happy/excited! todd and i talk about life with our baby girl all the time. hurry up, girlfriend!


    1. yay! I can't wait to have a new baby on the block! You look adorable... but I still can't wait until you look really pregnant and you can't fit into your J Crew ness anymore... the day will come. If it doesn't that just won't be fair.

    2. You = ADORABLE!!! So happy and excited for you. And I love that you call her girlfriend. You really are going to be the coolest mom.


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