October 25, 2011

pumpkin, spice and everything nice.

saturday night, the temperature dropped enough that we finally felt appropriate getting into the fall spirit of things. we picked up a little big pumpkin at the market and brought it home to carve. after soon realizing we didn't have any carving tools—oops! minor detail—we opted for baking delicious pumpkin cookies and stewing some apple cider on the stove top. my home smelled like heaven in the fall {because that's what heaven will smell like... in the fall... obviously} it was such a fun night baking with the hubs and rocking out to some good tunes. i love these types of memories.


  1. I love fall! And you two are absolutely adorable!!

  2. You guys are so. cute. I really wanted to carve pumpkins with Klane this year since we finally have a stoop to put one on, and it just has not happened!


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