February 24, 2012

grandma & grandpa lu came to town.

harper inducted my parents into the grandparent's club, and it was such a joy watching them take on that role. not only are they great parents, but dang, they also mastered the grandparent position with ease! it was sad seeing them go after a week and a little scary knowing it was officially just the three of us to fend for ourselves. i feel like we should have received a certification of sorts before being allowed leave the hospital with a child!

the past couple days without them have been pretty good though—harper is just a doll who feeds well and sleeps fairly well, leaving little for us to worry about {although i sure do miss my dad taking the midnight to 3 am shift!} it's also been so nice having todd on paternity leave this week. he's the greatest husband and dad, and i love our new, little family of three.

next up, grandma & grandpa matheny will be visiting in a few weeks to meet baby h, and we can't wait!


  1. You all look like you had a great time. What better reason to come together than a baby. I can't wait for our turn with Harper Lu!

  2. What an angel! I can't get over her beautiful look. That hair is so amazing. I've never seen the likes of it on a newborn. Love it! Can't wait to meet here and more importantly, introduce her to my boys.

  3. We had so much fun while we were with you guys. Miss you and miss our little Baby Harper Lu!!



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