February 28, 2012

on our own.

it was our first day together without daddy or grandparents, and despite my worries, harper and i had pretty great day! the weather was beautiful, so after a long {and much needed} morning nap, we took a stroll down to the seaport. it's amazing how much longer it takes to get anywhere when you have a cute little baby against your chest that everyone wants to see, but luckily we weren't on any time table, and honestly, who can blame them? after getting some fresh air, we enjoyed some tummy time, singing, cuddles, and a few more naps.

i love this whole "mommy" thing and can't wait for tomorrow!


  1. Oooh fun!! I was thinking about you today an wondering if you were flying solo! Can we hang out next Monday?

  2. She gets all that hair from your dad! I love it! She is absolutely gorgeous!!Looks like you are having the best time with her! Enjoy the warmer weather!

  3. Angie- Yes! Next Monday let's have ourselves a little date!


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