February 29, 2012

harper's first bath.

harper had her first official bath last night, 
and i think it's fair to say she's fearful of the next ones to come.

i was looking forward to using the puj tub for months, 
but unfortunately it didn't go over so well—
it didn't fit any of my sinks, 
harps was freezing,
and i could hardly maneuver between the washrag, 
hot water, and soap on my own. 

that said..... 
the after effects of the bath were marvelous!
after exerting so much energy in the water, harps was exhausted when bedtime
came around and slept 5 hours straight!

you win some, you lose some,
and while the tub was an utter failure,
last night's shuteye was not!


  1. That dark hair is gorgeous! Such a sweet little babe.


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