May 8, 2012

sitting in the cockpit.

i cannot tell you how nervous i was for harper's first plane trip, 
and i think any new mom could agree with me. 
even though she is an amazing baby, i was still nervous that something would happen. anything!
the altitude pressure would get to her, she'd be tired & cranky, etc...
but, i am  here to tell you that she was a doll!! 
other than some smiles and giggles as we were descending, 
she was passed out the entire 5 hours. 

she didn't even wake up to see the view from the cockpit!

i'm blessed to have such a happy baby and am feeling a bit more
settled about our crazy summer plans since we'll be living on that airplane!

1 comment:

  1. This is AWESOME! So happy your first flight was a success!!


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