May 9, 2012

happy hump day to you.

happy hump day, friends!
hubs is traveling the rest of the week,
so harps and i are partying just the two of us.

until the weekend arrives, i hope you enjoy these few fun finds.


i die over these tiny wellies.

denim for me. and denim for baby.

have you begun your spring cleaning? daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

i need new plates, but can't decide between these or these.

adorable diy nautical rope bracelets.

225 things to do before you die.

have you heard about this? with makeup, this girl can become anyone!

unforgettable fashion moments in film history. how many do you remember?

how to tightline your lashes. my new fave.



  1. Cute picture of little miss harper. Such a happy little girl.

    Your links... oh my, those tiny wellies too cute. And doesn't zara just have the cutest baby clothes ever? I kind of want to buy everything even though I don't have a baby =) ... and tightlining is my fave too. I couldn't live without it. Makes such a difference.

  2. That's probably one of my favorite pictures of Harper, just love it!

    And, for what it's worth, I like the Sissinghurt Castle plates. But you can't go wrong either way! :)


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