May 10, 2012

wedding day.

here are some more photos of the handsome bride & groom right after they got married. their ceremony was just beautiful, and i caught myself squeezing todd's hand and getting all mushy as i remembered our wedding 5 years ago {on saturday!}. those two are so cute together and make quite the couple!

the last two photos of me and harper are about the only two we took together all weekend. much to the bride's chagrin i'm sure, harper took center stage and was passed around to more people than i could count! at one point, i turned around to her being held by some lady that i don't believe was even in the wedding party! although i love a free babysitter, i'm happy to be home and have my little girl all to myself. 

1 comment:

  1. You look gorgeous. I love weddings! Glad you had such a great time. I felt a lot the same going to my little brother's wedding... reminded me so much of our day 5 years ago! (once again, you and I are living parallel lives. haha. even our siblings wedding dates are close together!)


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