May 12, 2012

to make it short & sweet, tgif!

blouse: aqua. jeans: gap. cardigan: cable & gauge. shoes: steve madden {similar here}. purse: kate spade {similar here and here}. watch: michael kors. jewelry: jewelmint

halle-freakin-lujah, it's the weekend y'all,
and i could not be more excited that my friday is O-V-E-R!!

today was....
the spill your coke on your lap kind of day.
the wear too high of heels until you get blisters kind of day.
the come to find out you've been starving your child with lack of milk kind of day.
the rent a new breast pump worth your rent to fix that problem kind of day.
—and to top it off—
the lock yourself out of your apartment ALL day kind of day.

basically, i could not be more excited that today is over and that the weekend is here baby!
not only is our 5-year anniversary over the weekend, but it is also mothers' day.
and i get to spend it with my two most favorite people.

happy mothers' day to all you hot mamas!
you deserve it.


  1. Boo for your rough day. Good thing you look so stinkin hot! That makes things a bit better.... right? :)

  2. yay for outfit post! very cute! ;)

  3. u look amazing dear! look forward to seeing more wedding pics...


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