November 15, 2012

helping hands: hurricane sandy.

i feel very blessed having moved out of new york city when we did. shortly thereafter, as you all know, hurricane sandy hit. and she hit hard. many of my dear friends had to evacuate their buildings, and even for those who didn't, power and gas was out in downtown for almost a week. a week! in the cold and with children. could you imagine? 

while manhattan definitely dealt with the havoc of sandy, there is beach town, rockaway, that is still dealing with the after effects of the storm. {you may remember rockaway from my posts here and here} since rockaway was hit so hard, last weekend hundreds of latter-day saints organized a group effort to go and serve those in need. this video was shot my brother's friend, and it brought tears to my eyes. it's heart warming and inspirational, and i am so happy to be sharing it with those who haven't seen it yet. 


  1. I'm going with some other Boston Mormons on Saturday to help.

  2. Ellen, that's really great. They'll be so thankful. I wish I were close enough to join you.


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