November 16, 2012

touring waterloo.

here are a few photos from our little jaunt in waterloo last weekend. there is a cute promenade alongside the thames river. along the path you'll find the london eye {which feels even bigger in real life}, the most ornate carousal you'll ever find, and tons of great boutiques and restaurants. they're also in the process of setting up christmas shops that go up and down the path, each shop occupying its own adorable wood cabin. i can't wait for them to open! we didn't ride the london eye yet. i'm we're waiting for a romantic night out sans harper. yes, she was with us even though she didn't make any pics. she was snoozing away in her stroller. good girl. 


  1. I had a dream last night that we moved to London...I'm pretty sure it's because of you lol :) Eats lots of percy pigs for me :) (I almost ordered them online for like....60 dollars cause I wanted to try them but decided against it) ;)

  2. Hah! You're so funny. They're good, but they're not $60 good. :)


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