November 19, 2012

mexicana, por favor.

trying to find good mexican food out here is like trying to find an american who doesn't wish they were british. but when we found this festive food truck in waterloo, we thought we struck gold. turns out, it was just aight, so we're still on the hunt. at any rate, isn't harp's jacket adorable? thanks amanda!

locals—any suggestions? 


  1. i looooove harpers coat. it is adorable. i wish the made it my size, i'd totally get it.

    finding good mexican food seems to be challanging all over europe. there is no decent mexican restaurant in my area here in germany either. can you believe i never had mexican food until i was 20 and lived in the US? but ever since i love it. but because i can't get it here, the only way is to make it myself.

  2. Her coat is amazing! Love her cute smile. Glad you guys are getting settled and learning the ways of the city!

  3. Eeny-- I can't believe it took you 20 years to have my favorite food ever! :) If you have any good recipes, I'd love them!

  4. Thanks Whitney! We miss you guys but sure do love it here too

  5. Casey - your little Harper is so adorable! I can't get over how much she looks like you and that smile and chubby cheeks are to die for! :)

    I'm also dying laughing (as I'm sure Chase is!) as how they spelled "Wahaca"! lol! Well, it's England - what we can say?

    Looks like y'all are getting settled and learning the English ways. What a great adventure for your family! Your Mom is my VT so I get updates each month. :)

    Enjoy it over there!


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