November 20, 2012

what i've learned since living in london.

since so many things are similar to the united states, i often forget that i live in an entirely different country. specifically, during my night-time prayer tonight with todd, i said how grateful i am to live in america. wait. what? i quickly backtracked and said how i grateful i am to have lived in america, but the damage was already done.

but then, there are these random little moments that happen throughout the day, that bring me back to my senses and remind me that i live in britain. i've started a little list, and it continues to grow daily... 

:: if you feel like you've looked the right way into the street, look the other way. and then look back, and then the other. 

:: speaking of.... they also walk on the left side of the sidewalk here. very confusing. 

:: happy christmas. merry christmas. it doesn't matter how they say it, because they say it!!

:: british ice cream manufactures put heavy emphasis on the ice instead of cream. unfortunately for me, my parents taught me that ice cream was one of the major food groups which is why i'm dishing out the dough for ben & jerry's. more specifically phish food & karamel sutra, but i digress....

:: rubbish, not trash. chips, not fries. loo, not bathroom. flat, not apartment. 

:: the first floor is really the second floor. very important to know when you're searching for a flat or trying to man the elevator. 

:: fresh flowers. all the time because they're cheap and beautiful!

:: despite what people may say, there is no store equivalent to a target. 

:: while i miss The central park, there are 3 very similar parks here. THREE! and they have peacocks in them. now that is neat.  

london is such a quirky city, but i love it. i'm going to keep this list running and will check back in when i have some more insight!


  1. It seems like you're having the most amazing time in London. I'm jealous of your adventures, but so happy you're documenting them.

    This list is awesome! I'm with you on the ice cream. B&J all the way! Keep the list coming!

  2. Have you been to Whole Foods yet? Regent's Park is amazing isn't it ... could even let Kennedy run free and people actually watched out for her!
    Have fun over there!!

  3. Jon - Funny you ask, I'm going to Whole Foods for the 1st time today! Can't wait. I hear it's amazing. And yes, Regent's Park is one of my favorites.


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