December 6, 2012

a german date in southbank.

while packing up our nyc apartment, i often fantasized about dreamy nights out on london town all dolled up and looking mighty fine for my hubs. we'd dine at fabulous restaurants {candlelit of course}, laugh together at broadway shows, and snuggle up in a horse-drawn carriage as it drove us through hyde park. i'd get carried away in thought until one of two things would happen:

1) harper would wake up and remind me there's actually 3 in this party boat, or
2) i'd look at my bank account

those things were not going to happen on a daily basis, or weekly, or even monthly. but, i am happy to say that we were able to snag a sitter last weekend and grab some hot cocoa. 

as you may remember from my post {here}, i had been waiting for the southbank christmas market to open, so we headed over there! everything was german-themed, and there were almost 100 authentically-decorated wooden houses. each selling either christmas gifts or food. naturally, we opted for the food route, and sampled just about every available option. brats. cheese. cinnamon rolls. crepes. and hot chocolate. it was such a great night and reminded me that finding time for just the two of us is way too important. 


  1. you should have a real german date and come over here =)

  2. Eeny-- Hopefully we can head to Germany in the new year. I'll keep you posted!

  3. I love all these precious pics of Harper Lou. She is growing up so quickly practically wearing big girl clothes. Keep posting lots. Love all your pics and adventures. you going home for christmas are staying thre?

  4. Thanks MM! We're staying here for Christmas and then heading to Madrid the day after.


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