December 27, 2012

churros & chocolate.

madrid is such a beautiful & magical city. we haven't even been here a full day, and i'm already sold. it is covered with narrow cobble-stoned streets open only to pedestrians. once it gets dark, the lights above each street twinkle with stars, leaves, and other glowing holiday ornaments. this city is very alive--busy & bustling with people.

first and most importantly on our to-do list was eat churros and chocolate. for those who aren't familiar, it's simple--you get a plate of freshly-made churros and cup of straight chocolate. then you dip and eat. the last step is very important: once you're done, you lick the greasy goodness off your fingers. sounds delicious right? it is.

1 comment:

  1. How delicious! You've inspired me to make some hot chocolate. Now if I just had churros.... :)


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