December 31, 2012

madrid, spain {part uno}.

we just got home from a whirlwind trip to madrid, 
and i have so many pictures to share. 
like... a lot!
let's get started.

a few things to note: madrid reminded me a lot of our trip to italy with its narrow cobblestoned streets, balconies across every window, and amazing food. speaking of the food—hello carb overload! my body is just now starting to forgive me. we stuffed ourselves on croissants every morning {and evening. and any time in between...}, crepes, tapas, and most importantly churros & chocolate! every night we visited a new chocolateria to scout the city for our favorite greasy combo. mine would have to be valor. their churros were crispy and their chocolate nice and sweet. perfection in my eyes, or mouth!


  1. Looks amazing! I love your pictures. And your outfit. :) I'm so happy you had a good time exploring a new city! Can't wait to see where you travel next!

  2. I am living vicariously through you! Happy New Year!


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